The Philippine School (Bahrain) (PSB) logo has on its center an open book and a torch which are symbolic of our desire to pursue academic excellence in order to place you in the best position to serve God and country.

PSB Logo.jpg

The colors of the logo signify the following:

        Red for courage to seek and defend the truth;
        Blue for zeal to attain goals in life;
        Yellow for the pursuit of noble intentions; and,
        White for purity of purpose.

The flags of the Philippines and the Kingdom of Bahrain symbolize the cooperation and singular objective of the two countries to promote academic excellence among the Filipino youth in the Kingdom.

The year 1994 witnessed the birth of PSB when the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Bahrain approved the School’s establishment. We mark this year with a deep sense of gratitude to the government of the Kingdom of Bahrain for allowing the Philippine School (Bahrain) serve the educational needs of the Filipino children.

The School motto: "Excellence through Wisdom" embodies all our aspirations to achieve excellence by enriching your knowledge and experience, and training you to utilize them with proper moral and intellectual judgment.