Welcome to Philippine School (Bahrain) website. Our website endeavors to provide you an idea about how our school activities translate the vision-mission into effective educational practices.
Philippine School (Bahrain) is a non-profit community school committed to providing excellent basic education to children of Filipino Overseas Workers (OFW).
Our school offers an education from Kindergarten to Grade 12 as prescribed by the Department of Education (DepEd) Philippines and approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE) Bahrain.
We are very proud of our students who appreciate and cherish the rich Filipino cultural heritage.  Our faculty hails from different regions of the Philippines. They come with one Filipino sentiment but with different cultural backgrounds, providing a rich and supportive learning environment for our students.  The faculty is supported by a dedicated team of administrative, and support staff who are committed to creating a conducive learning environment.
PSB opened its doors to Filipino students in 1995.  Since then, PSB has graduated a good number of young men and women who take pride in the school and their country - the Philippines, the pearl of the orient seas.
The policy-making body of the school is the Board of Governors composed of Filipino professionals who formulate policies that steer the school to the path of success.  Despite their busy work schedules in their respective realms of professions, they continue to voluntarily provide their expertise, time and efforts to ensure that the school moves to the right forward direction.
Through the unwavering assistance of the Philippine Ambassadors to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Philippine School Bahrain steadily grows into a strong citadel of Philippine education in this part of the Middle East. 
As a commitment to excellent education, PSB endeavors to attain full accreditation from PAASCU, the Philippines’ oldest and largest independent and internationally affiliated quality assurance body in education which has accredited the excellent schools in the Philippines.
We always take pride of our school and of the achievements that were accomplished over the years. Each year we continue to energize ourselves to enhance our curricula, educational pedagogy, facilities and services for the proper development of our students.  This is not only our promise but a responsibility we place upon our shoulders.
We are blessed to have parents and benefactors who support the school in all its endeavors.  We maintain a strong communication with them to help us to reflect and move forward with sure steps. With them, we make things happen.
We do hope our website will give you an idea about our school.  At the same time, you are most welcome to visit us and see for yourself an excellent Philippine school in a country outside our own.