The academic program at PSB is organized around the framework of the Enhanced Basic Education Curriculum (K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum). Lessons in the different subject areas follow continuum of knowledge, concepts, skills and values development from kindergarten to grade 12. 

Bahrain History is considered a learning area and is taught in all curriculum levels as prescribed by the Ministry of Education (MOE) of the Kingdom of Bahrain. It integrates Bahrain history, geography, culture, government and citizenship. Arabic Language and Islamic Studies are taught to students whose parents are Arab or Muslim. 

Consistent to the needs of 21 st Century learners, PSB integrates life skills in all subject areas in the elementary grades particularly in EsP through the Life Skills Education Program (LSEP) which centers on development of emotional intelligence. The program complements the homeroom program designed for all grade levels.

It uses a curriculum prescribed by the Philippine Department of Education and approved by the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Bahrain.