Student ActivitiesAnchored with the philosophy that education helps develop one’s talents in order to become a mature, responsible, and effective member of the society, the school fulfils its role in enhancing students’ potentialities by providing them with meaningful experiences in varied activities that complement their knowledge, values, interests, and abilities. These activities are designed to provide an avenue for students to explore opportunities for students to discover, develop, and enhance their innate talents and skills beyond classroom activities.

It is in this purpose that school organizations that are instrumental in fulfilling the school’s objectives are created. These organizations serve as students’ training ground put in practical applications of their abilities which they can exercise independently and creatively. Furthermore, they will be able to learn fundamental skills in planning, organizing, implementing, evaluating, and documenting project proposals.

Student Organizations

  1. Student Council is the prime mover student body organization which seeks to build up the four institutional core values through varied activities and events that commence competency building, creativity enhancement, commitment enrichment, and compassion development. It further aims to translate the PSB core values by initiating activities that will hone the students’ skills, abilities, and desirable attitudes necessary for higher levels of education and real-life situations. Moreover, the PSB -Student Council seeks to represent the student body; assist the administrators in inculcating discipline; maintain good leadership; help enforce the rules and regulations; and develop unity and promote harmony in the school community.
  2. Batasang Pambata (BP) is the group that governs and represents the student body of the elementary department. It provides opportunities for students to develop their skills aligned to the PSB core values while promoting students’ equal rights. As student leaders, Batasang Pambata serves as the best link between the school and the students, encouraging every student to actively engage in various extra-curricular activities and to become good leaders of this generation. BP works hand in hand with the teachers and administrators in conducting activities that will lead to the betterment of the school while developing student’s skills and capabilities.

Academic Clubs

  1. Prime Thinkers’ League is a student club under the Mathematics Department of the Philippine School (Bahrain). The club name is derived from the concept of prime numbers which are not many, and therefore, are considered special. Not all students are inclined to like Mathematics; hence, those few who signify their interest to join the club are special. Prime Thinkers League is a club that is committed to enriching the academic strengths and social abilities of its members to enhance their potentials in order for them to become mathematically oriented, environmentally committed, socio-culturally aware and responsible members of the society.
  2. Sci. Tech. Masters aims to provide proper encouragement and inspiration to its officers and members in pursuit of scientific knowledge in an effective way. Its main goal is to broaden students’ scientific outlook through constant interactions among the club moderators, officers, and members, engaging themselves in sustainable and relevant scientific endeavors and activities with the provision of periodic evaluation and assessments, and by challenging themselves to explore new things in the field of Science and Technology.
  3. PSB - Comm Arts Guild is envisioned to be a training ground for talented, skillful, and creative students in the field of communication arts. Its mission is to produce well-trained and confident individuals in the art of communication and to promote appreciation and love for communication arts as well as to produce individuals who embody discipline and love for work.
  4. Soc. Sci. Society aims to inculcate and promote desirable Filipino social values among students. This group unites the students through different activities that will provide them with opportunities to enhance their talents, social skills, and appreciation of life-long learning. Ultimately, this will help students participate in the basic functions of society and acquire the essential educational foundation for their development into a productive citizen.
    Young Entrepreneurs’ Club (YEn-C)
  5. Young Entrepreneurs’ Club (YEn-C) aims to develop aspiring entrepreneurs’ skills and talents in various types of activities that will enhance their knowledge and experience to be able to prepare themselves for future endeavors. These activities involve tasks that are designed to build competence, enhance creativity, enrich commitment, and develop compassion in field of entrepreneurship. Composed of students who have talents, ambitions, hopes, and dreams to make it into today’s tough economy even before attending college, Yen-C provides opportunities for students to experience personal and professional growth though programs and coaching related to financial literacy and entrepreneurship for them to become competitive professionals and successful entrepreneurs in the future.
  6. Young Chefs’ ClubYoung Chefs’ Club aims to encourage members of the club in the elementary department particularly in grades 4, 5, and 6 and help them discover and enhance their skills in cooking, show confidence by exerting guts to perform in front of their fellow students. To encourage members of the club To help the interested pupils discover and enhance their skills in cooking To let them show confidence by exerting guts to perform in front their fellow students Develop interest in cooking

Interest Clubs

  1. PSB - Malikhaing Pinsel is the school’s official arts club. It aims to discover and develop the talent of students in intermediate and high school in drawing, painting, and art installation or sculpture through a series of trainings and workshops. In cases of a need for students to represent PSB in local and international art competitions, deserving participants will be chosen from this organization.
  2. PSB - Snapshots Club aims to share knowledge and skills in all aspects of photography in an atmosphere of fellowship and fun and to appreciate its unique blend of technical skills, knowledge, and creativity. This group is committed to providing rewarding experiences for students who wish to improve technical and artistic image-making skills, and opportunities for hands-on experiences to enhance image-making abilities without regard to the use of film or digital cameras. This way, the art of photography can be promoted in the school community.
  3. Peer Counselors’ Club serves as the Guidance and Counseling Center’s student service-arm. It is composed of talented and service-oriented students who are willing to be trained and eventually serve as peer facilitators to their fellow students. Its vision is to respond to the developmental needs of the students by providing them with balanced activities and experiences in participatory leadership. Consistent with its strong conviction in student's potentialities and assets, the society aims its effort to help students in two ways - assisting them in their personal growth and development; and utilizing their personal commitment and voluntary services in the delivery of the guidance program and services to their fellow students. Activities of the Peer Counselors’ Club include, but are not limited to Freshmen Orientation, Seminar-Workshops on Self-Awareness and Interpersonal Relationship, Facilitating Training Seminar, Leadership Training Seminar, Teambuilding Activities, and Cultural Night. With this organization, the members are expected to gain social learning experiences, create an avenue where potentials can be shared, developed, and maximized, and establish social support (sense of belongingness, interpersonal relationships and social interaction, helping resources, and teamwork).
  4. Peer Support Club is an organization of pupils in Grades 5 and 6 who have a strong desire to help support fellow pupils of Philippine School (Bahrain). Members of this group serve as agents for solidarity among peers, building a community of friends and establishing meaningful interactions, camaraderie, and support.
  5. Book Lovers Club aims to give every student the opportunity to learn, to enjoy reading, and to create new knowledge and understanding in the library. This group also hopes to instill good reading habits by promoting informative and intellectual activities; to encourage interest and cultivate lasting enthusiasm toward reading, relatively to programs and activities to achieve its end; to stimulate interest in reading, viewing, and evaluating information; to help students learn more about the library and to promote books, reading, and technology; to develop sense of belonging, responsibility, discipline and cooperation among students and their peers; to enhance library services through student's involvement in different library functions; and to help students in research needs.
    PSB - Banyuhay Performing Arts
  6. PSB - Banyuhay Performing Arts aims to discover, develop, and enhance innate talents and skills of students who have enthusiasm in performing arts. It further emphasizes the development of thinking and technical skills to prepare its members become well-disciplined, reliable responsible individuals, academically motivated students equipped with desirable values for personal and social development. Performing arts is seen to be an important tool in the attainment of these goals as it plays a very important role in the foundation years of an individual. Dance is the art of gesture and movement that should be done with appropriate discipline that must be acquired by the dancers. It transforms images, ideas, and feelings into movement sequences that personally and socially significant. Dance organizes physical energy within time and space, and may draw upon the power of music, literature, drama, and the visual arts. Dance is the natural means of communication and expression, integrating movement, feeling, and intellect. As a fine art, dance is a balance of knowledge, skills, and attitudes. It embraces movement, creation, and performance. Dance demands one’s personal best. It stretches the limits of our physical ability, of our expressiveness, and of the human spirit. Dance can be powerful, vital, and joyful. People dance for many reasons and in all stages of life. Appreciation of dance provides a context for understanding the world and contributes to a vibrant culture.

  7. PSB Sports Club seeks to provide students with appreciation of physical activities as a source not only of energy, wellness, and fitness but learning and enjoyment as well. These groups of PSB - Basketball Club, Volleyball Club, and The Smashers Club (Badminton) hopes to render worthwhile activities that foster unity, camaraderie, teamwork, sportsmanship, and competitiveness in a fair, light, safe, and fun atmosphere. Healthy competitions are held to promote courage and realistic aspirations towards achievements of goals and the desire to succeed with a team spirit. These activities also help players develop self-discipline, commitment, flexibility, and resourcefulness. Ultimately, these games, tournaments, and events provide them with actual experience of triumphs for winning and acceptance and persevering in cases of failing.

Sports Activities

Philippine School never fails to give attention to physical education and sport activities. In fact, the Social Sciences Department facilitates an annual “Sports Day” which offers student with opportunity to play competitively and recreationally in a variety of sports and activities. These programs are administered by selected students from committees under the supervision of the intramural coordinator. The intramurals aims to stimulate interest and participation in physical activities which can be valuable not only during student years but even after graduation. It is an activity that fosters social development in a safe and relaxed atmosphere while satisfying the need to compete. Intramurals also stresses certain intangible qualities such as sportsmanship and fair play.