The school upholds its role as preserver and promoter of culture. In an effort to do this, it does not only integrate the values, customs, and traditions in its educational activities – more so, it conducts activities that will highlight the rich, colourful, and meaningful cultures of both Philippines and Bahrain.

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Celebrations like Bahrain National Day, Bahrain Women’s Day, and Gargaon provides students with appreciation and experience of Bahrain customs and traditions whereas Filipino culture is observed in activities during the celebration of Buwan ng Wika, and Independence Day. Department of Education – mandated celebrations are also held like Nutrition Month, and United Nations’ Day while activities that will promote awareness of the basic academic disciplines during their respective monthly celebrations are held during Mathematics Month, Science Month, Reading Month and the likes. Lastly, PSB never fails to celebrate academic success as it conducts the quarterly Achievers’ Day to honour the students who exhibit exemplary performance in their academics.

Foundation Day. In 1996, Philippine School (Bahrain) started celebrating its annual anniversary in commemoration of the school’s establishment. From then on, it became a yearly tradition of the school.