The school is located in a place allocated by the Bahrain government based on zoning requirements. It is ideally situated far from busy streets and traffic. It takes about 15 minutes to reach the school from the capital city. The school is situated close to places that offer public services and amenities such as Ministry of Education, Health Center, Municipal Hall, other schools, banks, public parks, and supermarket. The buildings were constructed based on internationally accepted building codes. Building permits were secured to ensure that all specifications are met as per standards issued by the government of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The exterior and interior conditions of the buildings support the quality facilities that promote meaningful learning for students and our learning community.

The Main Building. The Main Building features administrative offices for the School Director and Principals for Elementary and High School. It houses classrooms for Kindergarten to Grade 8, two (2) faculty rooms, the school library, school clinic, an audio-visual room, a computer laboratory for the elementary pupils, a domestic science laboratory, a science laboratory, locker rooms, a courtyard for programs and indoor activities, and rest rooms for students, staff, and guests.

The Main Building

Rod C. Acosta (RCA) Building. To accommodate the growing population of the school, PSB constructed the Rod Acosta Building. The first phase was inaugurated in June 2010. In the ground floor, there are nine 9 classrooms for high school classes, Computer Laboratory, Faculty Room, and separate Locker rooms and Comfort Rooms for boys and girls. The first floor which was added in 2013 houses the School Directors’ office, High School Principal’s office, Office of the School Secretary, Guidance and Counselling Office, Faculty Room, Records Room, Printing Room locker rooms, comfort rooms and High School classrooms.

Administration Office. To cater to clienteles other than students, the school built an Administration Office in 2012 which houses the Accounts Suite, Registrar’s Office, and Board of Governor’s Conference Room

Administration Office.jpg

Home Economics Building. The Home Economics Building was also constructed in 2013. The Home Economics building was constructed as the laboratory for Home Economics and Livelihood Education (HELE) and Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) subjects and certain specializations required of the K to 12 Curriculum.

Classroom Set-up.jpgClassroom Set-up. In order to ensure that the campus is conducive to learning, the school has properly secured, adequately air-conditioned and well-illuminated classrooms which provide each student the required space measurement. Each classroom can accommodate 25 – 35 students at a time without compromising easy flow and transition of students for any indoor academic activity. There are sufficient windows which provide adequate lighting. All classrooms and instruction areas are well lit with easily accessible control switches. Moreover, the classroom windows are provided with microfilm to prevent excessive heat during hot months. Curtains are installed in the classrooms of the RCA building to lessen the glare of the sun and to allow dimming the classroom for some multi-media presentations. Classroom arrangement provides for flexibility in varying situations. It was architecturally designed for the safety and convenience of every student. Classroom interiors are pleasant and are properly equipped with furniture, blackboards, and bulletin boards. The school also provides a scheme for regular maintenance of air-conditioning units, potable water supply for the water stations, fire extinguishers, and cleanliness and orderliness of the school premises.

Computer Laboratory.jpgComputer Laboratory. Computer Education is offered as a subject to students from Grade 4 to High School. There are two computer laboratories – one for the elementary and another one for the High School. Both laboratories are equipped with Smart Interactive Boards.

Domestic Science Laboratory. All EPP/HELE and TLE classes hold their practicum in the Domestic Science Laboratory which is a mini kitchen that houses cooking utilities and sink. The schedules and learning activities in the Domestic Science Laboratory are properly managed by a TLE teacher designated by the principals.

Science Laboratory.jpgScience Laboratory. The science laboratory in the PSB was designed following international standards. Each laboratory table/station has its own sink, water supply, gas valve and electrical outlet. It has two storage rooms (one for storing the laboratory equipment and one for the chemicals). The PSB Science Lab can accommodate 6 small-groups at a time.

Audio-Video Room. PSB has an Audio-Video Room which is equipped with Smart Interactive Board. This is a commonly used venue for medium-sized group activities, forums, and other meetings.

Recreational Facilities. PSB has playground for various athletic events. It is wide enough to handle basketball and volleyball games simultaneously.