The Alumni Tracer Study is part of the placement and follow-up service of the Guidance and Counseling Center, designed to elicit information from the alumni regarding the graduates’ personal and educational background and their feedback on the academic program of the school. This study, which employs the use of the online facility, Google Docs, aims to establish where the graduates are studying and/or working and how their performance in college or job employment can be attributed to their secondary education.

Furthermore, the study hopes to determine how the alumni perceive the academic preparation they obtained from the Philippine School to provide an empirical data on their perception on the school’s academic program. This could later serve as basis in improving the school’s programs and services.  

Thus, we enjoin our graduates to participate in this study by accomplishing the “PSB ALUMNI TRACER” survey forms through the following links:

For those who are currently studying in college, please click here

For those who are already working, please click here