Admission Policies
Admission to Philippine School (Bahrain) is granted to qualified applicants with definite understanding that the student and his/her parents or guardians agree to comply with the policies, rules and regulations of the school.


 A.  For New Students (LKG to Grade 11)

1.     Valid Philippine Passport Copy (front & back)of student and both parents

2.     Residence Visa copy of student and parents

3.     CPR copy (front and back) of student and both parents

4.     Printed CPR smartcard information for student and both parents

5.     Vaccination Record

6.     Recent Photo 2 x 2 (2 pcs)

7.     Pass the Assessment Test

Note: For students coming from the Philippines, the following documents should be authenticated (with red ribbon) by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA, Philippines).

8.     Birth Certificate

9.     Form 138 (Report Card)

10.    Certificate of Good Moral Character

11.    Form 137 (Student’s Permanent Record)


Note:  For students coming from schools in Bahrain or in the GCC, the following documents should be stamped by the Private Education Directorate, Ministry of Education, Bahrain

12.    Leaving/Transfer Certificate

13.    Complete Record of Scholastic Performance

14.    Certification of Good Moral Behavior

           Important:  Only the applicants with complete requirements may be accepted.

 B.  Regular and Continuing Students

1.  Report Card (Form 138)

2.  Valid/Updated passport copy, Residence Visa and CPR

           Important:  Only students with Report Cards (Form 138) can enroll.