1. Competence. Competence is the knowledge, skills and abilities that are necessary to effectively and efficiently carry out one's responsibilities in his/her chosen field of endeavor.
  2. Creativity. Creativity is the capability to do or construct new things, not simply repeating what other people have done. It also means improving the existing item or procedure. It is through/her community, country and humanity because education aims to develop persons who are inventors and discoverers.
  3. Commitment. Commitment means dedicating one’s life to something or someone worth living for. In order to live a meaningful life, one must possess commitment. He/she must have something or someone to which he/she can commit his/her life.
  4. Compassion. Compassion means sharing the same feelings with other people. It is putting oneself in the shoes of his fellowmen. It is not a selfish attitude but an outreach endeavor. Compassion enables one to be at home with other people.


To realize our vision and mission, we

  1. Continually review, develop and improve the curriculum to keep abreast with the developments in the educational field;
  2. Utilize creative, innovative, and sound pedagogy to achieve educational excellence;
  3. Provide an educational environment conducive to effective learning, intelligent thinking and well-rounded personal development;
  4. Employ, develop and retain high caliber and dedicated faculty and staff; and
  5. Establish and maintain effective linkages and harmonious relationships with the home and the community.